PRIDE Day Equality Project BYLAWS

  1. PRIDE Mission Statement: The Mission of PRIDE is Promoting Respect In Diverse Expression (P.R.I.D. E.) for Arts and Culture of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning and Ally communities.
  2. The activities of PRIDE Day Equality Project shall be directed by the PRIDE Board of Directors according to these bylaws.
    1. The PRIDE Committee shall elect at least three members to hold positions on the board.
    2. The positions shall be the President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer.
      1. President
        1. Responsible for ensuring and maintaining that the corporation is meeting and satisfying requirements of 501c3 status.
        2. Shall ensure the corporation business and activities are carried out in accordance with the bylaws.
      2. Vice President
        1. Assume all the duties and responsibilities of the President in the absence of the President
        2. Shall assist the President in their assigned duties and responsibilities.
      3. Secretary
        1. Responsible to taking minutes at all committee meetings.
        2. Responsible for the keeping the corporation minutes notebook.
      4. The Treasurer
        1. Shall keep financial records and conduct all banking.
        2. Shall prepare a treasurer's report to be presented at each committee meeting.
    3. The Secretary and Treasurer positions may be combined as long as the total number of board members is three (3) or above.
    4. The board members shall act as check signers on all PRIDE Day Equality Project checks.
    5. Additional positions may be created or eliminated as needed.
    6. Terms shall be for two years with no limit of re-elections.
    7. Elections shall be within two months of a vacancy.
    8. Participation at a Committee meeting or membership of the board does not make any person a member of this corporation. This corporation has no members.
  3. A committee will form annually for the creation and management of annual events.
    1. Committee membership shall be open to any community member.
    2. Committee members must participate in a minimum of nine monthly meetings in the planning year.
    3. The committee shall adopt a consensus decision-making procedure. In the even that the committee cannot reach consensus, action may be taken by a vote of at least two thirds of the committee members.
    4. The board may remove a committee member, declare a vacancy or clear a position with out committee vote.
      1. In the event of death, extreme illness, or resignation
      2. If a committee member misses two consecutive meetings and otherwise fails to establish interest.
      3. If the committee member commits malfeasance, illegal acts, or otherwise jeopardize the interests of the PRIDE Day Equality Project.
  4. At the first meeting of the event year a PRIDE Event Committee shall be formed.
    1. The committee shall include the following positions of responsibility:
      1. PRIDE Day Event Coordinator
        1. Responsible for overall coordination of PRIDE Day Event.
      2. Public Relations Event Coordinator
        1. Responsible for promotion and advertising of PRIDE Day Event.
      3. Sponsorship Coordinator
        1. Responsible for obtaining sponsorships for PRIDE Day Event.
      4. City Liaison/Site Coordinator
        1. Responsible for communicating with city and ensuring PRIDE Day Event site is meeting city requirements.
      5. Entertainment Coordinator
        1. Responsible for booking entertainment for PRIDE Day event.
      6. Vendor Coordinator
        1. Responsible for coordinating vendors attending PRIDE Day event.
      7. Raffle Coordinator
        1. Responsible for coordinating Raffle.
      8. Volunteer Coordinator
        1. Responsible for coordinating volunteers.
      9. Additional positions may be created or eliminated as needed by a vote of the committee.
    2. The members of the committee shall be elected to a position by vote of the committee.
    3. Removal of a committee member shall be the same as section III sub section D, 1-3.
    4. Acceptance of a position of responsibility includes a commitment to attendance at the PRIDE Day Event.
  5. The bylaws may be modified by decision of the PRIDE Day Equality Project. Such modification must be proposed at one meeting and not decided upon until the next regular meeting.
Adopted by PRIDE Day Equality Project
February 6, 2005