Eugene/Springfield Pride's Entertainment Schedule
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Singer/songwriter LEAH REDWINE comes to Eugene by way of North Carolina. With her, she brought her guitar, her dog Emerson, and her subtle style of "musicing". Her lyrics will make you giggle, let you cry and surprise you with their honesty. So, grab a glass of Southern style sweet tea, cuddle up next to someone you know (or would like to know) and enjoy. Hooting and hollering tolerated, even encouraged! Shock the Fear and have fun.

Eugene's hottest lesbian rock band is back by popular demand!
COMPLICATED features tight harmonies, edgy adult rock, and plenty of attitude. Come see why this band's name is on the tip of everyone's tongue! Check out their website to see where they play next.

AMAZON CREEK includes four musicians from Eugene, OR: Alan Ash (mandolin), Becky Dorsey (fiddle), John Light (piano and piano accordion), and Fred Wilson (flute, whistles, reeds, pipes, assorted strings). Their music reflects a common love of New England-style traditional music, a high-energy, dance-friendly mix of Irish, Cape Breton, Scottish, Quebecois, and southern Appalachian dance tunes (some more modern, including original material) that form the core of their repertoire. Their first love is playing for contra dances, but they also enjoy exploring a broader range of musical textures in concert settings.

PRIDAL RHYTHMS MARIMBA ENSEMBLE formed just to play for Pride. From Kutsinhira Cultural Arts Center, we invite you to enjoy Zimbabwean marimba music, a vibrant and energetic mix of rhythmical and melodic lines.? You won't be able to resist dancing! Kutsinhira Cultural Arts Center?is a community of people in and near Eugene, Oregon, responding to the rich musical tradition of the people of Zimbabwe by creating a center for teaching and performing Zimbabwean music.

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