Eugene Springfield Pride Festival
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Special Events!

It's GLBTQ Day at the Spencer Butte Challenge Course!

  • Date/Time: September 9th 10am-5pm
  • Cost: $40
  • Who: All GLBTQ folks, their families and allies. 15 years or older
  • Registration: Print it via the links below. (Includes directions, prep. forms and liability waivers. Liability waivers required.) Registration ends August 25th, but you can also register at the PRIDE Day festival.
  • Questions:Call Susan at 912-0816
  • Deadline: For registration and payment, August 25(Pre-registration/payment is required.)
  • Fill out the pre-registration form here, then pay via PayPal: Challenge Course Form

Here are the forms and information you'll need in pdf format for easy printing:

Liability Form
Participant Preparation Information