Pride Day Equality Project 1-7-07


Present: Jer, Tim, David, Alan, Rebecca, Kirista, Bob B.


Minutes from the meeting of 11-12-06 are approved by unanimous vote.


Treasurer’s report:

Checking: $1595.47

Savings: $5519.06

Total: $7114.53

Outstanding debits: David $25(parks lottery), Parks permit $440, Parks deposit $200, Interpride Dues $31.25

Outstanding credits:


Discussion regarding moving the savings money market to another location – CapitalOne is presented by Jer. Alan moves and Rebecca seconds a move there, passed unanimously. Jer will apply for account and arrange move.


InterPride banner – needs to be updated with this years date 60x468, Tim will update and submit


Date: August 11, 2007 confirmed


City Liaison: David met with Debbie at Parks re: Lottery, we were 15th. If we get this same again then we will be in permanently for second Saturday in August.


Marketing: Jer will meet with Todd on Thursday


Vendors: Letter for 2007 discussed. Rebecca will post to the list with finalized version.


Entry Bags: Alan moves and Rebecca seconds that items may be made available for use in bags only by those who provide some form of funding to the event. Tabled until wording fully discussed


Ad and Vendor prices: same as last year


Sponsorship letters have had no positive income response at this point at a cost of $121.57. Sending separate sponsorship packet has not been cost effective. Next year limit to postcards only


All contracts will include a reference to required compliance with the Eugene Human Rights ordinance. A copy of the ordinance will be made available on the website.


Entertainment: time 12 to 8, Mayor 12 to 12:15 other spots in discussion. Stage needs to be reserved soon.


Todd don’t forget to do marketing with Saturday market.


Jer is working to get a youth involvement process going.


Website is not up yet.


Jer will contact Wendy about temporary tattoos for use at Country Fair


Next meeting: 2:30 Sunday February 4, 2007 at Q Center