PRIDE Committee Minutes

January 9, 2005

Present: Denise, Jer, Pam, Susan, Tim

Minutes of meeting of October 3, 2004 are approved by unanimous vote.

Equality Project: Pride will combine with Equality Project as Pride Day Equality Project under the old Equality Project 501C3 status. New Officers: Jer, Tim, Denise, Susan

Insurance: Jer will send pertinent information to insurance company to get quote on director’s insurance.

Film Festival: No progress has been made on co-op event at this time. We may try giving the event left over soda from last year’s Pride Day. Possible events include movie night sponsorship or drag show sponsorship.
Treasurer’s Report: Current balance of all accounts $6,758.08
Budget projected for next year, pending adjustments. 2004 year end was (503.96).

Entertainment: Hit Explosion turns out to be too expensive for our event. Denise has some information on bands of possible interest and will forward to Susan. Jer will get sample contracts for entertainers from InterPride.
Promotion/Advertising: Color on poster is desired. Plans include using ¼ sheet, 81/2 x 11, and 11 x 17 poster size for different promotional needs. Denise will contact Gil regarding pricing and design of an event poster. ¼ sheets are desired for passing out early at upcoming community events and locations. Possible promotion idea for event is the use of leis to give to donors at the gate. Susan will check for pricing at Oriental Trading as well as possible hats for use by board members at event. Hawaiian shirts are recommended for event volunteers. Theme of Life’s a Beach to be featured prominently.
The possibility of having the Mayor of Eugene and other public persons attend the event for brief periods to support the community is mentioned. Jer will speak to the Mayor as part of a planned future discussion.

Sponsorships: Mentioned possibilities this year include Levi Strauss, Washington Mutual,, Wells Fargo, ring of fire – possible dinner promotion as fundraiser?, Hotels as accommodations for performers, gyms. Gay Fuel is mentioned but pricing seems problematic.
Site: Time is discussed, decision is made to go with 12 to 8 as planned event time.
Park is reserved, pending additional paperwork needed. Donations only are allowed at the gate, charging for entry requires an additional $1000.00 fee. We will need receipt books for use at the gate as donations will be tax deductible. Community area is definite for inclusion, wandering performance or activities would be nice – Susan will look into this. Beach theme pictures would be nice. Richard Kitterman has necessary equipment. Jer will talk with him about giving a free booth space in exchange for $1.00 per picture to go to event, final price on pictures to be negotiated.
Discussion regarding stage placement and resulting event map takes place. Tim will create two possible versions, one with the stage parallel to the river, one with it at an angle across event corner. These will be posted for review prior to next meeting.

Booths: This year’s letter is shown. Prices: non-profit $35, business $55. $10 discount if registration received by June 15, registrations after July 10 will be double.
Food booths will be a flat $75.00 registration with no commission on sales this year.
Discussed/planned booth comps to local GSA from High Schools (1 booth) Denise will discuss with Laura Phillips. Comp for ISCEE Court in exchange for involvement in auctions. Comp for Shamrock Lodgettes.

Art: possibility of art related event is discussed. A family art show would be very nice. Denise will talk with MECCA regarding their possible involvement in such an event.

Banner: Permit purchased. Pam will go to city office to get dimensions as this has been difficult to obtain by fax. Banner will include Pride logo, date, time, location, theme with date time and theme removable. Expected budget for banner $500.00 total.

Raffle: Shamrock Lodgettes is definite for this year’s raffle.

Volunteers: Rosemary will be back, Pam will assist. Increased volunteer help is desired.
High School students are discussed as possible source.

Website: Jer will email general format desired to Bob, Tim will email vendor forms for inclusion.

New items:
A new document for use with possible sponsors/donors/raffle contacts is discussed.
It is decided to create a new document to include Pride facts and history and information regarding ad prices, raffle, and sponsorship levels. This would be sent in vendor mailing and used with all sponsorship, raffle, or ad contacts. Susan will create the document. Tim will send general history and facts segment, Denise will send text regarding raffle. Jer will send ad prices, and sponsorship levels should be discussed/obtained from Todd.

Jer is going to look into doing a possible retreat at the coast in the spring. Further information to follow.

Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting February 6,2005 at EWEB community room 1 PM.