Pride Day Equality Project

January 10, 2010

Present: Jer, Tim, David, Mel, Frances

Minutes of the December meeting are approved by unanimous vote

Financial Report
Checking: 1894.87
CafePress: 15
CapOne: 5639.12
Total: 7,548.99
Pending income: $160
Pending expenses: $465

Festival Coordinator Report

City/Site Liaison Report
Successfully secured the park for the date.
Mel will see about getting the van shuttles.

Entertainment Report
Contracts are being sent out this month for some acts. Possibility of TR Kelly
Probably a more Folky mood this year. We are going to add some language to the contract charging a fee for no-shows.

Vendor Report
Letters sent out January 2, 2 positive responses
Since Ring of Fire paid we will get their info out

Volunteers Report

Website Report
Updated, 2009 archive created, vendor form added
Jer will send a logo for this year and link info about travel site

Sponsorships Report
Jer will be talking to the banks - B of A and Wells Fargo

Next Meeting
Email check in mid-February
Skype meeting March 7 at 11:00