PRIDE Day Equality Project

Meeting Minutes 1-12-08


Present: Jer, David, Rebecca, Melanie, Tim


Minutes of the meeting 12-02-07 approved


Treasurer’s Report: CapOne change hasn’t happened yet, Jer will take care of this, this week.

Checking 391.15

CapOne 6,750.38

Total: $6,750.38


Vendors Report: Form will be ready to go tomorrow and will be sent out quickly.


Theme: Live, Love, Be


Sponsorships: It looks like Jer will be taking care of this. He has gotten the information from last year from Nathaline. The master list will be updated by Rebecca when she gets the info forwarded from Jer. The sponsorship letter will be worked out between Jer and Dave.


Web: We are going to create a MySpace page, Facebook,


Entertainment report: Joshua Klipp with 2 dancers, and DragKings are lined up. Others still talking, Margaret Cho will be approached

We will see about having the lesbian State Supreme Court justice as a speaker.


Stage: No movement on a different type so we will go with Willamalane stage. We will try cables on front and back to hang things off of. Dave is going to check about possible dance surfaces.


Jer will create a contract about dunk tanks. Fee will be $70 since it takes 2 spaces.


City Liaison: Dave has been in touch with someone about parking control spot.  Date is confirmed. Dave will cost out in case we have to pay for parking service.


History: Eugene sister cities – find out what gay life is like there for use as part of the history project.


CVALCO – renewal is $150.


Next meeting: March 8 2008, 1-3