PRIDE Committee Meeting

February 5, 2005

Present: Pam Rebecca Susan Todd David Tim Jer

Jer brings meeting to order.

State non-profit corporation registration is complete. Pride Day Equality Project.

Minutes approved by unanimous vote.

New by-laws shown, available for comment. Will be posted to Yahoo Groups site.

LCHR grant request sent. Equity grant almost sent.

Financial Report: Check from Amber here.
$6985.84 in current account.
Will be transferring bank accounts to Washington Mutual.
Todd will initially approach front support perspective.

Booths: Merry Munching , 3 Forks Flaming Wok, Tori Larson at business rate

Jer has contacted Premier Dist regarding beer garden. They need a server name.
Both Neighbors and Luckys will be contacted. Casswood Insurance is looking into insurance coverage for beer garden.

Sponsorships: CVALCO membership completed.
Sponsor letter reviewed. Todd will send emails out regarding links to site.

Banner: cost about $300 , have info for Gil at Signs of the Times.
Will try for the two weeks prior. Location near Saturday Market.
Add web address to banner.

Raffle: We think maybe Denise has done some stuff there.

Retreat: April 2, Saturday, arrive between 4 & 5 PM - in the Sharock #17
will have an additional location for sleeping.
Dinner at Drift in 5:30 pay your own way. Short meeting.
Kitchenette in room or brakfast with group.
Meeting Sunday 10 to 2 in #17 with lunch paid by Pride.
Shamrock Ledgettes will have booth, color ad on back of program, and large link on web.

Site: Maps - shadier option seems preferred. Shade tent in front of food booths.

Website: has been updated.

Volunteers: Rose Mary is primary, Pam will assist.
Rebecca and David will be assisting in general.
Rebecca will being doing Site/City liason.

Entertainment: Possibility of contact with Patrick-Ian Polk of TV series Noah's Arc.

Jer has been interviewed by Scene Magazine.

Barnes & Noble will be doing a fundraiser for Pride.
Coupons for 20% off for a week. Todd will contact.

Jer has meeting scheduled with Mayor Piercy regarding proclamations and Warsaw Pride.

Rebecca will be decorations coordinator. Possible flowers from PC Market of Choice or others.
Best decorated booth contest - winner free entry next year. Leis 50 for $30.

Insurance: Directors in process as info comes available from Feds.

Next Meeting March 6 at 545 High St. [Rebecca is hosting at her office]

Metting is adjourned.