Minutes of the Pride Day Equality Project Meeting

February 11, 2007

Present: Jer, Tim, Alan, Rebecca, Kirista, Todd, Denise


Approval of last meeting minutes occurs by unanimous vote.


Financial Report:

Money Market account transfer happened as planned.

Account Balances:

Checking: $1446.06

Savings (WAMU): 0

CapitalOne Money Market: $5527.31

Total in accounts: $6973.37

Outstanding debits: Parks permit $440,



Entertainment Report: Katastrophe is strong possibility – in discussion, Rory Stitt may be available also. Drama Kings and ISCEE confirmed. Nicole SanSuree is confirmed, we hope to put her at 3.

Possible Friday night event – featuring Complicated?

Holcolm Waller?

Speaker from PFLAG?


City Liaison Report:


Marketing Report: Todd is working with SNAFU regarding expanded involvement.

Lord Leebrick involvement? Actors Caberet?

We will buy an ad in the Damsels Divas and Dames program.


Sponsorship Report: A number have come in. Planned Parenthood $200, PFLAG stage sponsorship $750, Jerry’s Home Improvement $75

Equity Foundation planned giving $76.45


Raffle Report: Sent out many requests. Have Saturday Market and Café Soriah so far

Possibly do a silent auction also?

 Use a sheet and assigned numbers for raffle to deal with legibility issues.

Vineyards, pet stuff,


Vendor Report: 144 letters sent + emails, 4 booths back already.

Ice Cream Angel will be only IC dist.


Website Report: Many changes have been made and the site is looking great so far. Jer has sent mail to Bob with the next batch of changes.


Round Table:


Discussion of broadening the event weekend by bringing in other venues and businesses to sponsor ancillary events takes place. Treat it as buy-in / co-op ad opportunity.


Country Fair Meeting: Community Village – no selling, have to join an existing booth.

We want to sell buttons – so would need a regular booth space. Jer will contact Mick and ask about this.


Next meeting March 4 at 2:30