PRIDE Day Equality Project

Minutes 2-21-2009


Present: Dave, Mel, Tim, Kriket, Jer,


Meeting brought to order by Jer.


Minutes of the January 2009 meeting are approved by unanimous vote.


Financial Report

Checking $373.50

CapOne $5809.77

CafePress $10

Total $6193.27

Outstanding credits: $310

Outstanding debits:


City/Site: Dave will be talking to the city about electricity. Dave needs a copy of the stage contract.


Web: Still need links to entertainment, Mel has mailed some images and info. Online vendor form has gone live and is working well. Links page updated

Tim will send a mail to the active coordinators with the Facebook and MySpace info.


Entertainment: Jer &/or Mel will update the entertainment contract and send it to Mel so she can send out to entertainers. We will get 2 more shelters one with sides.  Mel has a meeting the 24th with the Student Life Dean at the UO, she may be a stage speaker.


Raffle: Raffle prize from Harlequin Beads


Ads: 3 Ads purchased so far; we will be getting an ad in the Damsels program.


Sponsorships: American Family will be at $3000 for their sponsorship, we will do a banner for the stage and they will be the first booth. They may want to have stage announcements made.  They will have a full color program back ad. Mel will check with the San Diego contact about sponsorship.


Volunteers: Kriket will be volunteering to help


Jer will be in touch with Matt & Bruce regarding the history project.


Next meeting:  March 14 2009, 1:00 QCenter