PRIDE Day Equality Project, Inc, Committee Meeting  03/04/07  2:30 pm

Present, Tim (via IM) Jer, David, Denise, Kirista, and Rebecca


Approval of last meeting minutes: Rebecca made the motion and Denise seconded approved unanimously


Financial Report :  $2062.51 Checking, $5527.31 Money Market, Total $7589.82

City/Liaison Report: David sending checks, we are keeping our original map


Entertainment Report: Rory Stitt, Nichole Sanguree, Katastrophe, Androgene, Joanne Beekman, one spot left for youth, we have back ups if necessary.


Raffle Report: Sperry Tree Care, Sweet Life, Hutch’s Dana’s –follow up on Café mame –Possible Vendor


Marketing Report : Todd was not present and did not leave any info, Todd needs to get contact info and contact: Tmobile, Home Depot, Subaru, Intel, Hewlett Packard, Comcast, and Clear Wire. Possibly in conjuction with Nathaline.


Sponsorship Report: Still waiting on pending Sponsors to mail info and sponsorships


Vendor Report: 11 booths, looks good so far.


Update on Country Fair  Denise has gotten contact info and is working on getting in with possible passes,  no selling, but we can do business card, denise will follow up.

Buttons: Kirista will follow up on Books with out Borders, Tim will check on Euphoria, Denise will ask SweetLife,


Lez Dance: Business Cards, Lorna at Capella’s


Kids Space: Bonnie $100

Equity Grant  Jer sent last Friday.


Round Table: Next meeting April 7th 1pm Saturday