PRIDE Meeting


Present: Rebecca, Jer, Tim, Susan, Dave, Todd


Meeting brought to order by Jer.


Minutes from the meeting of 1-8-06 are approved by unanimous vote.


Financial Report: $3,353.27 one deposit outstanding and two checks outstanding.


Jer is planning to move to Portland during the next six to 10 months. We will need a new coordinator for 2007.


Entertainment Report: A group from Corvallis is potentially interested. Invited back are Complicated, Ashanti & Kim, and Vince. Public announcement will be made to encourage additional contacts. There is a possibility of forums to be held at the event.


Sponsorship Report: Some focus on attorneys, medical, real estate, financial services. OR Community Credit Union interested potentially. Todd will do sponsorship matrix for inclusion in vendor letter.


Vendor report: Letter to go out by end of the month. Cover letter is to be included.


Raffle Report: Denise is on the injured list, but will continue to do her thing.


Marketing report: Lori has moved to Portland. Nancy and Mark are to be contacted regarding Emcee and publicity.


Website report: New vendor forms will be sent as .pdf to Bob as soon as completed.


Forum report: Next is the GSA forum the 15th or 16th of March possibly at North Eugene HS. Trans forum went well. In June Gender issues/discrimination.


Possible Cinco de Mayo event as fundraiser


Stickers for door, Jer and Rebecca will work on designs.


Grant requests have been sent to Equity and Seattle Foundation.