PRIDE Committee Meeting

March 6, 2005

Present: Jer, Susan, David, Todd, Rebecca, Cat and Pamela

Minutes for last weeks meeting is approved with two abstaining.

D&O; Insurance is sending information in the mail.

1000 leis will be ordered from Oriental Trading Co. And flowers to determine "single" or "taken".

Pamela will start asking florists about donating flowers. Rebecca will get tiki torches. Rebecca suggested making rainbow flags for decorations.

Balloons will be used as part of the decorations.

A Balloon Arch leading to the kids' area and another to the community play area (for two total) would be a good idea.

Also suggested was to have the LGBTQ youth help with the balloon arches and hanging signs.

Juggler David Kelly will be asked to appear.

Volunteers will be asked to dress up in "Life's a Beach" attire.

Comp booths were discussed. A unanimous vote approved a comp booth for ISCEE. EPD will pay for their booth this year.

David is selected as the City/Site Liaison.

Entertainment was discussed. Todd will ask about airfare donations.

Jer stated that San Francisco Pride will be helping out with the entertainment.

More on the entertainment will be discussed at the April meeting and final decisions will be in place then.

Todd brought up having Sam Adams come and speak to the crowd. Also discussed were the elected officials who will be invited.

Patrick-Ian Polk the originator or Noah's Ark will be asked to attend. Comcast will be contacted to host him.

Banner placement will be July 8th thru the 25h and will be on 8th ST. west of Willamette.

Sponsor's letters will be going out. Todd is contacting websites and other businesses regarding sponsorship.

Gay Fuel was discussed. The company offered a price of $2.25 per can. It was not determined at this meeting if Gay Fuel will be sold.

Scene magazine offered a full page color ad in exchange for a full page ad in Prides Program. They also offered 50% of all magazines. It was discussed that subscription cards will be placed in with the brochure. Jer has been interviewed by the magazine.

Todd mentioned the need for a photographer.

Susan suggested having a "goodie bag" to the first 500 people, and it was tenitivly agreed upon.

Update on Hertz. Jer will ask them to pay $500 to have their advertisement in the Pride program.

Jer suggested having the program done a month ahead of time so copies can be placed around. There will be 1000.copies ordered.

Susan suggested thank you cards for volunteers. Pamela will handle the thank you cards.

It was discussed that the high school student LGBTQ population will be involved in volunteer positions. They will be incorporated in the decoration making.

Pamela was reimbursed $18.01 for postage, copies and envelopes to send out vendor raffle requests.

The website was critiqued. It was agreed that the site looks great.

The April retreat was discussed. Anyone planning on attending should email Jer with their intentions.

Round table.

The following meeting dates are set: May 1st and 22nd 1-3, June 5th 1-3, June 19th 5-7, July 10th 5-7.

Meeting is adjourned.