Pride Day Equality Project

Meeting Minutes March 6 2011


Present: Jer, David, Tim


Treasurer’s Report:

Chase account was closed out and a new one opened at US Bank.


Checking: $326.28

PayPal: $185.84

CafePress: $2

CapOne: $5579.89


Total: $6094.01


Checks have arrived, debit cards for Jer and Mel are here


State forms are here, will forward to Jer


Vender registration forms sent out, one back from Christine D.

Sent Ring of Fire 2 ways, invoiced them again for 5%, this year will be flat $150


Interpride membership fee will be $37.50


Still no contact person at LCC LGBT

Had positive response from Chicora at UO


Sponsorships – AMFAM paperwork in process. Pride Foundation may be a possibility, Jer will send a packet. Jer will be making some calls to previous donors.


Parade entry sent in. Since this is our 20th year we should do something fancier. Have the banners for Mels truck. Jer will look at sound possibilities.


Regional InterPride meeting is March 25-27, room rate $109, more info available from Jer.


Next meeting April 3 2011, 9:00 AM Skype