Pride Day Equality Project

March 7, 2010


Meeting via Skype

Present: Tim, Jer, David, Mel & Frances


Minutes of the January meeting are approved by unanimous vote


Mail: 2 new vendor aps. BathFitter and Network of Reproductive Options

2010 Annual Report for state paperwork here, fee will be $50, line for type of business to be filled in.

Letter from RG about ad in the Community Festivals section of the Discovery Magazine to be published in May. $205 to do same size ad as last year. 71,500 print run.


Financial Report




Total: 7568.53


Interpride sponsorship and membership dues will be going out


Festival Coordinator Report

Jer will send Tim a check for $50 to go to the state, and will do taxes.

Tim will send Jer the email address for the RG rep on the ad.

Jer will be registering us for the PDX parade, they still havenít set a date.

Jer will send a copy of the raffle letter and the last list we had to Frances


City/Site Liaison Report

Nothing to report

Should buy one more fire extinguisher


Entertainment Report

Contracts sent to 3 artists, 2 spots open

I-Beam reservations made estimate $952


Entry Display

Focus more on places that canít have Pride or have problems


Vendor Report

5 vendors paid


Volunteers Report


Website Report

New logo online, still need some entertainment stuff


Sponsorships Report

Mel will be doing a meeting with Kendall Subaru

AMFAM still not set, possibility with Farmers, Jer will contact


Next Meeting

Easter Sunday April 4th, 11:00 via Skype