PRIDE Day Equality Project

Meeting Minutes 3-9-08


Present: Jer, Tim, Rebecca, Dave, Melanie,


Minutes from the meeting of 1-12-08 are approved by unanimous vote.


Treasurer’s Report:

Checking $1004.58

CafePress    $11.92

CapOne   $6379.68


Total:      $7396.18

Pending expenses:

Pending income: $105.00


WAMU account didn’t work out due to business rather than personal account.



Vendors: Plenty of early response. Van Go and Oriental Village, Simply Dogs and a snow cone vendor will be there. Ice Cream Angel will also be back.

Jer asks Rebecca to help Salem get food for their event. EPD will be registering. Still working trying to get EFD.

Mother Kalis still owes us $30, Rebecca will try one more time to get response from them. No beer garden lined up yet. Some discussion about how to do that ourselves.

Jer will talk to Bonnie about KidSpace.


Site: OK with the city so far. Dave will be contacting Dory for insurance. Dave will contact regarding garbage and recycling and PortaPotties. Location will be moved. Mel will look at getting us some walkie-talkies for the day. Possible shuttle with Laidlaw.



SASS will do a $200 forum sponsorship.

Queer Eugene wants to do Main Stage sponsorship.

Patricia Adkins will be back at some point.

Should contact Dutch Brothers, Rebecca will contact.

Tim will contact Christine Dambach.


Entertainment: Will need a secondary stage this year and sound for it.

Joshua Klipp has us listed on his MySpace but with an 8:00 time, we need to get him a correct starting time should be 3. Working on Sista’s in the Pit. Diana (Paul) will do sound. Should contact Balloon guy. Jer will send Mel Balloon man contact, beer vendor stuff. Schedule should be solid by May 15.

Need to get Willamalane stage reserved.

Jer will contact Queerline about march.


Marketing: No news from Todd, concerns expressed.

Ad for Damsels Diva’s & Dames will be in by Tim this week.

Portland Pride Parade entry completed. We need send out a general email about it.

Banner will be need to be updated, Gil should be contacted.


Raffle: no report, Jer will contact Denise


Volunteers: Rebecca still trying to get a solid contact with Starbucks. Jer will get a copy of the paperwork to Rebecca. Photography volunteer would be great.


Webmaster: Site updated as of February, 2007 archive page added, need more for entertainment page, any special events to list?

Dead links: Washington – Peninsula Pride Alliance, Out Kitsap, Tacoma

MontanaMontana Pride Network link, Jer did an interview with them.


We have MySpace and Facebook pages but need to start adding blog entries with event information; volunteers to help with this would be great.



GBLT History Display: Some sort of History of Eugene etc. and the general one.

A volunteer to do this would be great, maybe a student?

Videos are shown of Eastern European events, as a reminder of how bad conditions are for our community in other parts of the world.


Next meeting: April 6, 1:00 at Q Center