PRIDE Day Equality Project

Minutes 3-21-2009


Present: Jer, Dave, Mel, Tim, Christine


Meeting brought to order by Jer.


Minutes of the February 2009 meeting are approved by unanimous vote.


Financial Report

Checking $1003.50

CapOne $5809.77

CafePress $10

Total $6823.27

Outstanding credits: $100

Outstanding debits:  $80


City/Site: nothing to report, Mel will check with Amazon about the underage after party

Mel will talk to Brandy about the vans


Web: Entertainment links added. Myspace and Facebook updated and logins sent.


Booths: Jer will start talking to Josh about the beer garden.


Entertainment: Ovulators cancelled out. Mel will get the Eyebeam contract this week. Entertainer contracts are sent out. Robin from UO is open to speaking. Jer will contact Mayor Piercy, Mel will contact Vicki Walker and Kate Brown


Raffle: Dave has the list from Jer and has been brainstorming additional possibilities.




Sponsorships: Jer still trying to get decent logo from American Family, Jers working on Best Buy also. Equity planned giving check came, Jer is trying to figure out what their regular cycle will be this year.


Volunteers: Jers working on a list


History Project: Jer will talk to Matt & Bruce


Jer will get the Portland Pride Parade permit, Tim will see about getting the banner updated.


Jer will talk to Susan about doing the sandwich boards this year.


Christine would like to do a dog/pet parade/contest. Sign up page on the website, small fee that will go to Greenhill or other local pet charity. Use the winners for the calendar possibly.


Next meeting:  April 18th 2009, 1:00 QCenter