Pride Day Equality Project

Meeting Minutes April 3 2011


Present: Jer, Mel, Tim, David


Treasurer’s Report:


Checking: $570.84

PayPal: $219.52

CafePress: $2

CapOne: $5333.63


Total: $6125.99


Tim still has the debit card for Mel


Vender registration form returned to sender for GLSEN


Have fire marshal paperwork, Davids been talking to Chicora about bike valet possibility


Entertainment acts are in process.

Need flag measurements. Tim will get them for Mel. Any adjustments for reinforcement or grommets need to avoid the signature section. Will get all tables and chairs from Ibeam that they will bring.

Will use Mels truck for parade.

Our 20th year, Mel will look into any historical info that’s available.

Umpqua’s Last Resort will likely have a banner

New entertainer in town Traila Trash


Sponsorships – Jer has met with Pride Foundation and they will likely give about 1500


Vendors – Barefoot Wines is going to come


Seattle InterPride conference went well, scavenger hunt idea for GSAs, idea for entrance about coming out of closet concept. Looking to connect the Seattle gay chamber contact with CVALCO contact.


The website gallery is now a link to a Eugene Pride Flickr group.


Next meeting May 1 2011, 9:00 AM Skype