Pride Day Equality Project

April 4, 2010


Meeting via Skype

Present: Tim, Jer, Mel & Frances


Minutes of the February meeting are approved by unanimous vote


Mail: 5 vendor forms with checks, CT-12 state forms, one letter from Mr. JoyBoy


Financial Report




Total: 7073.03


Festival Coordinator Report

Tim will send Jer the CT-12

Jer couldn’t find previous year’s raffle list

We are signed up for Portland Pride Parade June 20th, should look at replacing banner this year –2 for the sides of the truck general with second Saturday on it, specific date and this years logo made by Mel and Frances for front/back

Jer will email the mayor for proclamation and about opening.

Jer will talk to Love Makes a Family


City/Site Liaison Report



Entertainment Report

No contracts back yet. Mel will contact Diana this week.

Letter from JoyBoy, Mel will take a look


Vendor Report - Doing ok


Volunteers Report – Jer will send Frances the job description


Website Report - none


Sponsorships Report

Haven’t heard from AmFam yet, or Club Pynk


Group going to Bend for their Pride, specifics to be provided later


Next Meeting: May 2 11:00 on Skype