PRIDE Day Equality Project

Minutes of the meeting 4-7-2007


Present: Jer, Tim, David


Meeting is brought to order by Jer


Minutes of the March meeting are approved by unanimous consent.



Financial Report: Checking 2438.01 CapOne 5568.57 total $8006.58

Outstanding debits State of Oregon total $60, Damsels program ad $45


City Liaison Report: Thermometer from last year, David will do more to windproof it; will look at connecting to the beer garden shelter. David has begun contact on insurance. David needs copy of stage contract for the city.


Entertainment Report: The schedule is up and links have been added to the website. Contracts are in process. Bachelor and Bachelorette auction still all pending, need to look for possible people for the auction


Marketing Report: We have an ad opportunity in the RG insert Discovery Festivals and Events to be out in May. Deadline April 13th, cost $190 – an ad is presented for approval.

Should we run an ad in the RG the week before the event rather than doing so many posters that don’t seem to be seen? Look into having one of the entertainers and or event staff to do the news on KLCC the evening before.


Raffle Report: Lots of stuff in so far, will be getting listed on the website soon.


Sponsorships Report: Equity will be about $500 this year, they had a number of new events apply this year.


Vendors Report: Jer will be tracking beer garden paperwork to see it is in on time.

OCCU and HIV Alliance are in. West Brothers still unknown.


Multicultural Festival at Sheldon Park 4:30 to 8:30 August 3, we can get a free space

Jer will contact them and get a spot, we will need staffing to table there. Will need a booth, table, chairs also


We are looking at adding a Prides page for links to all of the regional Pride events.


Banner – Needs to be updated


We will be getting last year images from Alan soon.


Buttons – we should presale on the website. Look into possible sales at Mother Kalis and Jamesons. One of the Youth Groups?


David wonders if we should look at doing a booth at Lane County Fair? Talk to PFLAG?

Art & the Vinyard?


Riverwalk Saturday May 12, 9 to 1 – we will have a table, will need banner and flyers, table & chairs. Volunteers for tabling


Jer is signing up for a parade entry in the Portland Pride parade if Kirista hasn’t already. Jer will contact ISCEE and PFLAG and EQ.


Next meeting Sunday May 6 2007, 1:00 at Q Center Focus: Portland Parade


Meeting adjourned