Meeting PRIDE Committee 4-08-06


Present: Jer, Tim, Rebecca, Susan, Todd,


Meeting is brought to order by Jer.


Approval of last meeting minutes is made by unanimous vote.


Financial Report

Currently 3326.65 with $488.58 outstanding


Entertainment Report

 Still looking for male performers to balance the mix, but otherwise we have most acts lined up.


Site Report

    We are concerned about the heat on the event day.

Water Stations drinking water and we will contact RRN about the possibility of them organizing free water again, shade tents/awnings, will look into misters to set up at the event.

    Beer Garden Have approached Ambrosia and will be talking to Ring of Fire.


Fundraisers? We would like to have something.


Vendor Report Mailing of 110 pieces is out.


Raffle Report - none


Sponsorship Report OCCU is definitely on board for the event.


Website Report Vendor info is on the website.


Interpride Jer will be attending international meeting in Portland ME at the end of April.


Pride event at the challenge course is still under discussion.


Meeting adjourned.