PRIDE Committee Meeting

May 1, 2005

Present: Susan, Tim, Denise, Rebecca, Todd, David, Jer

Treasurer's Report: Checking 2278.88 Savings 563.53 CD 5,027.33 Receivables: 950.00 Adjustments to budget: Door giveaways, Green Room, PR. Tim will email Jer current budget.

Art Director's Report: Troubles getting art project together, Denise will talk to Mecca and DIVA, Rebecca presented new lei's committee approved a 7.95 option. She will buy to day and received $249.54. Discussion about flag Tim will work on an idea on how we will have flag as our entrance. Discussion about mini flags and symbols, and perimeter flag line. Bamboo discussion bamboo in front of for skirt and coffee cans need about 50, signage, 2 stage, 2 beer garden, 2 community playground, SF, Stonewall, Keystone, Jerusalem, Seattle. Torches.

Booths Report: 6 paid 3 comps talked about ambrosia own booth-Todd will contact Ambrosia Signage of community playground.

Entertainment Report: boy dancers needed, Denise may have a boy dancers contact, discussed schedule Drag King, Drag Queen, Drag 101, square dancers, Complicated, Josh, Marimba.

PR Report: Eugene/Springfield PRIDE Day is on all possible community calendars and links. Waiting on decisions on drag kings. Posters, Todd and Denise will work with Gil. Pre party, media Post Pride wrap up thank you party.

Sponsorship Report: Hilton, done for Josh, Todd will contact Delta/Serious for travel for Josh…Gay Fuel out of contact. Urban Fuel/Rockstar…Jer will email gay fuel about sponsorship, Todd doing CVALCO open house on Tuesday.

City Liaison Report: Susan is getting draft of entertainment schedule to David, Tim will get revised site map.

Raffle Report: 37 invitations sent, 3 in today, Jer requested Tim to write check to Pam for 37.00 for stamps, separate raffles discussed.

Volunteer Report -Pam is working on volunteers and will check in at next meeting.

Beer Garden Report: Sam's Place

Website Report: we all like mock up #1, add sponsorships link, website is looking better all the time.

Round Table

Kids Space Rebecca is responding to Katie again. Denise has not received any calls back from Laura Phillips…Todd has a contact. Jer will email Todd with sizes for ads.

Next Meeting is a work meeting preparing Shrinkedinks at Trinity United Methodist Chruch, 440 Maxwell Road, May 22, 2005, Sunday, 5-7pm.