Pride Day Equality Project

Meeting 5-13-06


Present: Jer, Tim, Todd, Rebecca, Denise, Susan, David


Meeting brought to order by Jer


Minutes of meeting 4-8-06 are approved by unanimous vote.


Finance Report - $3225.12  No checks are outstanding. $845 in pending deposits.


Entertainment Report – Acts are mostly committed at this point. A few people still needed.


Raffle Report – 210 being sent out and a few back already.


Site Report – Insurance to get started now. We will get orange fencing and maybe a canopy from DEMI. Still need to contact EWEB or ? about misters, or make our own?

Fire extinguishers need to be renewed. Need to write a letter regarding traffic for city.

     Beer Garden – SNAFU still being worked with or Ambrosia

      Kids Space -  Rebecca has had some interesting conversations with Family Values. Need complete plan from them by the next meeting.


Sponsor Report – Lots of new sponsorships are in. One Pink Triangle and two Silvers so far. Meeting has taken place with a rep from OCCU. They have a new diversity committee and will be at the event. Farmers Insurance rep Christine Dambach will be there. Combined sheets have gone over well. Need to do sponsorship thank you sheets or emails to send out as things come in.


Vendor Report – All mailings are out, some things starting to come back in already.


Decorations – Perimeter flagging wih torches – possibly some more this year.


Website Report – Bob has put some new things on it. Additions will be made about the Challenge Course sign ups.


Challenge Course LGBTQA Day July 22, from 10 to 5 if we can get 40 people to pay $40 we will get half. Baseline cost approximately $400. Pay at the door, do not pre-pay on site. Will need to be pre-sold through invitation to people and groups we know. Registration by July 15.  No one younger than 10.


Next year we should consider getting a bulk rate for mail.


Volunteer coordinator – Denise will be handling “day of” things.


Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting Sunday June 4 at 10:00 at Q Center.