Eugene PRIDE Committee Meeting

Sunday, May 18th, 2008 1-3pm

Q Center, 1309 Lincoln Street


Present: David, Jer, Melanie, Julie from

Approve last meeting minutes

David motioned we approve the minutes, Melanie seconded, approved unanimously


Financial Report:

Checking:   3,335.73

CafePress:        11.92

CapitalOne: 6,428.14

Total:          9,775.79


Vendor Report We have 24 booths and more to come, Jer confirmed with Gwen from RRN we received their registration.


Entertainment Report

--Melanie got contract for stage, take up to 2 hours to set up, 7 people to set up would be good. Julie suggested some help from Sorumundi stage people, Julie will share info with Melanie.  Julie will work with Melanie on main stage decor/backdrop. We will need a couple of Trucks to get the stage, check with Tim for availability of panel truck, on Friday before event mid day is best; may need Todd's truck too. Eye Beam did not specify an insurance amount so we will use what we used last year.

Melanie will email Tim the entertainment schedule, it is locked and ready. Still working on back line, will need at least 4 stage hands, need to contact Rebecca to get started on volunteer recruitment, Melanie will come up with expectations for stage hands. Jer mention Susan's help and maybe Leah.


Sponsorships: Patricia Atkins, PRIDE NW still unconfirmed still need about 4 more Rainbow Sponsors


Marketing: Todd is working on press releases and beer garden/after party; Julie added our info to her Soromundi ad, to help promote the event, she will continue to promote our event, she will be working to do some queer games in the field next to PRIDE.


Need to contact City of Eugene about under 21 after party.


City Liaison Report: David has gotten the porta-potties ordered, $340, will be contacting the fire Marshall, has what he needs to complete the insurance, he will get the fire extinguishers serviced, and contact Eugene recycling. He will also have a meeting with the parks dept about parking, where people can park and what they are looking for in a traffic plan, we may need to hire a security person to enforce what ever plan we come up with. Est cost $120 max.


List of to do's T minus 3 month

Jer has taken on LGBT History project, Julie and Melanie suggested contacting Chicora about summer interns and they get paid to do a project may give us a larger pool of people

to do the project. Jer will contact Chicora and Brandi at the womens cent.


Jer will have a list of who is doing what, when and where for July meeting.


Melanie, Jer, David, Rebecca in for July 26th medford pride.

PDX parade June 15th, jer will send email to groups


Jer mentioned Salem Pride and encourages people to attend their 30th anniversary.


Next meeting June 8th at 1pm Q center.