PRIDE Day Equality Project

Minutes of the meeting 6-3-2007


Present: Jer, Tim, David, Rebecca, Todd


Meeting is brought to order by Jer

Minutes of the May meeting are approved by unanimous consent.


Financial Report:

Checking:$2468.01 Savings:$5609.67 Total on hand:$8077.68

Outstanding check 1081 to State of OR for $50 stop?

Outstanding other debits:$655

Outstanding credits:$1845.00


City Liaison Report: Todd will contact about beer garden need stuff by July 2, David will do the last paperwork for the city permit and fire marshal.


Entertainment Report: Les Dance may be interested

Ashanti & Kim are interested in performing for free on second stage.

Youth from LEAD may do something, they need to send us a proposal. Katastrophe and Androgyny contracts are in.

We are going to flip the time slots for the youth and Rory Stitt.


There will be an after party for youth at the Amazon Community Center at 8pm the day of Pride. City is doing the whole thing at no cost.

It would be nice to have a dance the evening before Pride, but no one has volunteered to manage it. Rebecca will contact Hot Flash about possibly working on it.


Marketing Report: Hot Flash is happy to do promotional for us including selling buttons. Jer will do flyers and get them to Rebecca. Todd has promo release available.

Jer will follow up on bags for the give always.


Raffle Report: A few more things in.


Parade: June 17th, Jer, Tim, David so far for banner carry. SCS will be there with their banner. Jer will get banner so it can get updated, then to Tim for carry frame. Other community groups are encouraged to take part.


Pam is available for doing running.


Vendors Report: About half the spaces are filled, confirmations going out this week


Southern OR Pride: Jer will have a carpool going. David and Rebecca are going.



Next meeting 1:00 July 1 2007, at Alton Baker near event site.