Pride Day Equality Project

Pride Committee

Meeting 6-4-06


Present: Jer, Tim, Todd, Susan, Denise, Rebecca


Meeting brought to order


Minutes from the meeting of 5-13-06 are approved by unanimous vote.


Financial report: $4405.00 total in both accounts, no outstanding debits.


Entertainment: Final lineup will be completed during the next week or so.


Booths: 8 registrations so far. Dunk tank Ė question still there but we donít think they would save anything on insurance going through us, and we have additional concerns.


Raffle: Final mailing going out this week.


Banner: Have paperwork, dates seem to be open. Banner will get updated by the beginning of July.


Sponsors: Todd talking to WAMU at this point. Royal Caribbean a possibility at this point, they are looking at it. A new restaurant in Florence is in conversation also. EQ may come in as a sponsor also.


Publicity: Todd will send out a press release this month. ††Program deadline is July 12


Beer Garden: No return calls from Snafu at this point. Todd is still working on it.


Decorations: Check with LCC metals regarding some work for symbols. Sandwich boards (10) and Thermometer needed. Denise will check with Gil about doing logo stickers for them.


Buttons: Tim will contact Richard for buttons, standard logo with dates. 200


Volunteers: needs some things added to website. Sweet Life will give some day old pastry for the morning. Pizza also probable


Challenge Course: If 40 people then we can get income from the event. On July 22, 2006. Entry will include a Pride Day entry button. There will be a registration packet, and registration must be done through us and not the city. Deadline for registration will be July 12. Information will be on the website with forms. There will be a minimum age set at 15 years old.


Next meeting: July 9 at 10 AM location TBA