Pride Day Equality Project
Meeting Minutes June 5 2011
Present: Jer, Mel, Tim, David
Treasurerís Report:
Checking: $789.98
PayPal: $351.94
CafePress: $2
CapOne: $5339.87
Total: $6483.79
Pending credits: $85.00
Karen from Pride Foundation, will do a matching grant of the entry donations up to 2500 that will be donated to HIV alliance. They have a booth but no direct sponsorship of our event.
Jer has contact info for some other possible advertisers from Bill.
Other possible sponsors? OCCU?
ASL interpreter, possible contact
A few more vendors in or in process
Nothing from beer garden yet, wine vendor looking good.
Van and parking?
Pride parade 19th of June, truck? Banners?
Next meeting July 10 2011, 9:00 AM Skype