PRIDE Day Equality Project

Meeting Minutes June 8 2008


Present: Tim, Dave, Jer, Rebecca, Todd


Meeting brought to order by Jer


Minutes of the May meeting are approved by unanimous vote.

Financial Report:

Checking:   3,248.73

CafePress:       11.92

CapOne:    6,444.28

Total on hand: $9,704.93

Pending income: $170.00

Pending expenses: $100

City/Liaison report: Insurance form is in but no response yet. Recycling and garbage are to be arranged yet. Honeybuckets done.

Entertainment Report: Schedule is set. We will rent a U-haul truck to haul the stage, Jer will check with I-beam about the size we will need.


Volunteers: Rebecca is sending out emails to encourage people. Possibly giving t-shirts to volunteers to encourage participation

Marketing Report: Should do posters this year since the entertainment have good promo materials.
Todd will make up some flyers for Portland Pride and some posters to put around at specific locations.

Jer will arrange for a parade banner, Tim will get graphic to him quickly.

Sponsorship Report: $3154 in grants and sponsorships so far.

Vendor Report: Todd has been sending emails to Josh about the SNAFU beer garden.

Jer will reserve 20 six foot tables and 5 eight foot ones plus chairs.  29 booths are paid so far.


Day of bags: They should have 500 of the items for inclusion.

LGBT Display: Jer is doing a DVD loop to play, Chicora may still find someone from summer term.

Next Meeting: Saturday July 12, 1:00 at the Q Center.