Pride Day Equality Project

Meeting July 9, 2006


Present: Jer, Tim, Susan, Todd, Rebecca


Minutes of the meeting on 6-4-06 are approved by unanimous vote.


Website: Must move to another host. GoDaddy is probable host. Jer will look into final costs and transfer process.


Financial: $7938.53 on-hand, so far income higher than expenses


Sponsorships: Temple Beth Israel, Equality Network sponsoring main stage, Snafu will do bar and food, may have after party. Should start a list of larger organizations and what their grant/sponsorship cycles are. Todd shows surveys that SF uses to gain information about attendees.


Raffle: Very Little Theatre, UO Bookstore, Full City Coffee, Macs Vet Club, Pegasus Books


City Liaison: Entertainment schedule to be sent to Park Dept this week. Insurance not yet paid for, Jer will check on finalization. Must be in by Wednesday this week


Volunteers: Jer will be sending email to solicit volunteers. Need decorations volunteer


Recycling: No report


Vendors: 20 vendors in so far, so about half filled. Tables from Party Time on Franklin


Decorations: Possibly use statements from entertainers with the card ones. Misters still needed to be worked out.


Entertainment: Schedule is full except for forum fill-ins. Jer will confirm with Mark Mullins about bachelor auction. Sign interpreter(s) will be hired soon. Talk to SF next year about Tualo.


Challenge Course: Must have 15 and little interest so far. Probably won’t happen this time, but will be considered again for the fall.


Button Sales: Todd will talk to Snafu about button presales.


KidSpace: Love Makes a Family will do the space again.


Work Party: Probable July 22; get bamboo and work out how to put up quotes, work out mister system – tripod of black bamboo? umbrella?

Next Meeting: August 6