Pride Committee Equality Project Meeting

July 10, 2005

Present: Rebbecca, Jer, Todd, Tim, Susan, Denise, Brenda

Minutes of last meeting are approved by unanimous vote.

Treasurer’s report: Checking $1428.74 Savings $5620.28 total $7049.02

Transfer 4000.00 from savings to checking to cover expenses.

Possible fundraising opportunity from Second Hand Saints, but cost may be too high. The subject will be tabled until next year.

Raffle: 15 items in, still have follow up to do.

Volunteers Pizza Party – Jer will make arrangements for the pizza. Meeting is on July 16^th at 1 p.m. Peggy’s House 1645 I St Springfield. More information from Peggy by email soon.

Tables & chairs will be rented, Jer will contact vendors about costs and reservations.

Entertainment: Everything is confirmed and ready. Hilton is set for the rooms for Josh.

Program: Will be bid to best price, only 2 ads purchased but many more sponsorships this year. Cover inside and out will be color. It will be 16 pages total.

Poster: Draft shown – it looks great, a few more sponsor logos yet to go.

Big Ass Field Party – small banner needs to go to Jer for the party on Saturday. Some posters will be available also.

Advertising – KOPT radio will be doing an interview, RG, Just Out, and Eugene Weekly will have stories.

Decorations – Art project looks like it won’t happen this year. Bamboo will be cut next week. Torches and big containers for stage are done. Rebbecca will send a list to Susan of locations for the pointer signs. Rebbecca will be checking with florists regarding flowers.

Dunk tank request from beer garden – not enough time to deal with it so committee decides on no for this year.

Ambrosia – will have beer, wine, and cold foods. Melissa Rhinehart is the contact.

Recycling – Peggy will be taking care of this.

Banner – Should be up, Denise will check with Gil.

Staff Outfits – bandannas (hopefully purple) Tim will get them from Michaels.

Meeting adjourned.