PRIDE Day Equality Project

Meeting Minutes


Present: Jer, Rebecca, Tim, David, Todd


Meeting brought to order by Jer

Minutes of the June meeting are approved by unanimous vote.


Treasurerís Report:

Checking: 3658.23

CafePress: 15.92

CapOne: 6,459.93

Total: $10,134.08

Pending deposit:$155


Calendar: Tim will do a flyer for the bags, deadline for submissions Oct 1 and final decision to move forward will be made then.


Entertainment: Stage pick up will be the 8th.


Marketing: Todd will be leaving after this year. Another press release is going out again soon.


Beer Garden: They are getting the OLCC permit yet and should complete soon.


City Liaison: Fire Marshall permit applied for, extinguishers still to do.


Tim will contact Richard about doing 350 buttons.


Vendor Report: 43 booths are filled at this time.


Jer will check with InterPride about how other prides deal with content that crosses the line from art.


Web: Tim will be adding vendor map to the website.


Sponsors: †Best Buy will be sponsoring and have a booth.


Kidspace: Jer still trying to get in contact with Bonnie


LGBT History:


Medford Pride July 26

Salem Pride Aug 3


No meeting in August


Meeting adjourned