Pride Day Equality Project

July 18, 2010


Meeting via Skype

Present: Tim, Jer, Dave, Mel


Minutes of the April meeting are approved by unanimous vote


Financial Report





Total: 8360.19


Budget report –

Income: $2502.89   -$5982.11 from budgeted amount

Expenses:  $1790.28   $6694.72 from budgeted amount

Current total $712.61 income over expenses


 Of the remaining expenses budgeted entertainment is 4300 including sound

 Fire marshal, insurance, portable bathrooms, trash, program, table and chair rental,

 kidspace = about 2300


Of the missing income 430 is booths, 1250 is day of donations, 200 is raffle

The remaining is grants and sponsorships of which we have only received $268.42 from Equity’s planned giving program and a stage banner out of the $4005 budgeted.


Bathrooms and trash are paid after the event (about 550) so we should have something in the range of 6000 on hand in checking. With the next PayPal transfer we will be just under 2700 so Tim recommends a transfer of 3500 from the CapitolOne account prior to the event date.


Festival Coordinator Report

Jer will contact about beer garden, tables/chairs, O Village for health paperwork


City/Site Liaison Report

Need OLCC permit, liquor liability, Lane Co Health

Fie extinguishers to do, fire marshal paperwork

Recycling will get form filled out

Honeybuckets reserved

Dave will email Jer and Tim the entertainment schedule

Sanipac to be reserved and donation paperwork needs to be seen about


Entertainment Report

Eyebeam is all set, U-Haul reserved

Schafer out, JoyBoy in, Religious/marriage group – details to be gotten about what they will do


Vendor Report

AARP will have a bus there for health screenings, LookingGlass homeless youth program will be there


Volunteers Report

Seems to be on track, 13-18 at this point


Website Report – updated vendors and map, need entertainment schedule


Sponsorships Report

Set up entrance with table under a shelter to help force towards entry donations


Next meeting: Skype meeting on August 8 at 3:00