PRIDE Day Equality Project

Minutes meeting of September 9, 2007


Present: Jer, Tim, Rebecca, Todd


Meeting brought to order by Jer.


Minutes of the meeting are August 5, 2007 approved by unanimous vote.


Idea: create a calendar for sale from the Cafepress site, possible concept is a Lesbians (community members?) and their dogs.


Financial report:

Checking $2,694.56

CapOne account: $5,651.07

Total: $8,345.63


Pending expense - $370-ish for Honeybuckets, Income $85-ish for an ad, some silent auction items still to collect on.


After known expense/income budget 06-07 income is up $49.35 over budget

Expense is down $2416.99 below budgeted

Total: $2466.34


Pre-sales: add more of an incentive to counteract possibility of entry donation slip as people get used to it being free entry.


Parking: Jer is attempting to meet with Parks to clarify parking. We must have someone to coordinate parking next year. Jer will create job description.


Possible move to LCC, solves parking but no shelters with running water. Would be easier for out of towners


Soromundi may try to get dunk tank again but there are serious issues


Shuttle? LTD would cost, maybe Laidlaw? Where for pick ups?


InterPride: paying $400 for Jer to go to Switzerland to represent us, expense approved unanimously


Entertainment: Would like to invite Katastrophe back for an earlier slot.

Will continue looking at new acts, Alexis Arquette?


Stage: possible to get a different one that is more dressable?


 New entertainment coordinator – ask Melanie Haley?


Marketing: Pre-event we had exposure at

Eugene Magazine, Just OUT, The Register-Guard, Eugene Weekly, Oregon Daily Emerald, KEZI-9 TV, KMTR-16 TV, KVAL-8 TV, KWVA-FM radio, KLCC-FM radio, KPNW-AM radio. Email lists: PRIDE list, Q, PFLAG, EqualityNetwork, Eugene 20/30, Mother Kalis, Soromundi, UO GLBTQ, OSU Galanthea


Should add Craigslist, banner ads somewhere?, Advocate,, Genre


Raffle: went great, silent auction added significantly


Sponsors: Were way up this year


Vendors: 44 total, if more new ones next year we will need to add spaces somewhere.


Volunteers: went well


Parade: need to get Queerline person as part of the committee

Should do Portland parade again, was good advertising


Stiletto: Jer will contact them


Next years committee committed so far:

Jer – Coordinator

Tim – Financial, Secretary, Webmaster

Rebecca – Vendors, Volunteers

Todd – Marketing, possible for entertainment


Meeting adjourned