Pride Day Equality Project Meeting

September 17, 2006


Present: David, Jer, Rebecca, Tim


Meeting brought to the order by Jer.


Minutes from the meeting of 8-5-06 are approved by unanimous vote.


Financial Report: For the Pride Fiscal Year Oct 1 2005 to Sept 30 2006

Income $170 below budgeted but $397.23 over the 2005 fiscal year

Expenses $2,357.70 below budgeted and $1525.37 over the 2005 fiscal year

Income vs. expenses – we made a profit above expenses of $2187.60 for the fiscal year


Budget for 06-07 will be presented at the next meeting


Committee Reports


   Entertainment – two acts did not show up for the event. Ashanti and Kim were apparently ill but did not let us know before hand. Todd did a great job coordinating the emcee material.


   City Liaison:   Jer has sent a complaint letter to the city regarding the system of assigning park dates.


    Kidspace: lots of positive comments about the Kidspace this year


    Raffle: Income was down, we had no big prize

For next year we will look at doing two or more large baskets to bring in more interest



            Melody Bnah final payment went through and will be posted in October when funds come from Q.

         -Beer Garden   The beer trailer wasn’t picked up until the next day. No report back on percentage.


    Vendor: Nearly all vendors were very happy. The sunglass people and the second ice cream vendor were less so.


    Website: We will be switching to hosting at GoDaddy at the beginning of October. Will need a budget line, Jer will get numbers so Tim an add to proposed budget next year.


    Volunteers: Went well, tasks got done, set up and tear down went well


    Advertising: Saturday Market has a bulletin board that we did not get on for the day. The Register Guard chose not to include the event in the Community Calendar. Should look harder at Springfield News and related papers for articles or calendar, also other community papers and schools


InterPride: Annual big meeting is in late October in Maine. Jer may not be able to attend.


Forums: Went well this last year overall. Definitely want to do a Youth forum again, earlier in the year would be better, January or February should be looked at. Transgender went well also, and we want to do it again as well.  Perhaps one on Gay History, there is a couple in town who specialize in presentations for High School groups. Talk to OUTdoor group about doing an event with them or some other outside event.


Round Table


Event – door entry was up slightly but presales added additional income. Pre-sales could happen much earlier, in time to be offered by the last forum before the event. Additional sales locations would be nice.

Give away bags were very popular. We will check with Lambda Legal for bags again, if not maybe a lube company or other sponsor.

Should look at getting clips to hold the trash bags to the cans better.



Next meeting we hope for new members – Max, Kirista, and Natalie have shown interest. We hope to get a member from the youth community.

Date: Sunday October 1 10:30, at Q Center