October 3, 2004

Present: Jer Megowan, Tim Matteson, Susan Niles, Denise, Todd Simmons.

We discussed what worked and did not work with 2004 PRIDE, Jer will compile the feedback received from email and post it in one attachment to the PRIDE list.

Jer presented financial report and passed around related documents. We made $1,349.50, which is about 500 less than expected.

We discussed dates: July 23 or 24 and September 25 are dates we are looking at. We also discussed doing some kind of fundraiser when we have a firm date for Margaret Cho.

InterPride: Jer presented the workshops available and the committee chose workshops that seemed most appropriate. Jer will get together with Patricia from PDX PRIDE so that we can get information from all the workshops. Jer presented receipts for the flight to and from Iceland $713.11 and Tim wrote reimbursement check. InterPride is covering the cost of the hotel room and Jer will bring receipts for per diem items.

Committee Vacancies were discussed, Jer volunteered to be Festival Coordinator and the committee was unanimously approved. Tim has volunteered to be Vendor Coordinator/Financial
Denise will be Raffle Coordinator, Susan will be Entertainment Coordinator, Todd will be Sponsorship and PR Coordinator. Denise is working to get a Youth Liaison, Todd and Susan are working together with Denise to address youth, diversity (i.e Latinos, African Americans, and other ethnicities) included in both our entertainment and activities for PRIDE.

Open positions: City Liaison, Recycle, and Volunteer Coordinator.

Our next PRIDE Committee Meeting is Sunday, November 7, 2004 at the YMCA from 2-4pm.