PRIDE Day Equality Project

Meeting Minutes October 5, 2008



Jer, Tim, Dave, Mel


Meeting brought to order by Jer.


Minutes from the meeting of July 12, 2008 are approved by unanimous vote.


Treasurerís Report:

WAMU Checking: $553.78

CapitolOne Money Market Savings: $6507.56

Outstanding debits: $259.75

Total: $6801.59


For 2007-2008

Total income: $8629.24

Total Expenses: $9581.36

Result: -$952.12


Details of last yearís spending are shared. A final report will be posted on the website shortly. The budget for 2008-2009 is presented and discussed.



Total income: $9065

Total Expenses: $9065

Result: $0


New budget approved by unanimous vote.



2008 Recap:

Health inspector came this year. Fire inspector checked for fire retardant tags on booths. Both should be noted on next years mailing. Need to add something about no dumping ice on the grass.†

Entry donations were way down. We didnít have sandwich boards with reminders or enough stage comment. Mel comments she would be willing to go around with flyer/posters prior to the event.

Jer suggests the UO Womenís center might take on the history project for next year.




August 8

American Family Insurance will be main stage sponsor in at $775

Mel can talk to UO recycling program about possibly taking that on.

Dave will write up a page about whatís been done in the past for recycling.

When the SaniPac reservation is made we will ask for the charitable donation at that time.

Mel will borrow some walkie talkies for the event day.

U-haul size can be smaller.

Green room could use another canopy. We will need a volunteer for the CD table.

Richard Mills and Joyboy scheduled, also Ovulators will be back.

We will go to 400 Pride Magazines for the event.

We will sell stage front ads for $50 each


Web: add date with time 12 to 7


Next meeting November 9 at 1:00 at the Q Center