Pride Day Equality Project

Meeting Minutes 10-7-07

Present: Tim, David, Jer, Rebecca


Meeting brought to order by Jer


Minutes from the meeting of September 9, 2007 are approved by unanimous vote.


Treasurer’s Report:

Current balances:

1990.15 checking

5673.38 CapOne account

7662.53 total


Outstanding expenses: Honeybuckets still not paid due to billing discrepancy,

Jer has been in contact with Terry and we are waiting for another billing. Jer will contact again. 2006 was 330.00 and bill was 370.00

Outstanding income: $20 in Presales from James Dean to be deposited on hand

Mother Kali’s owes us $20 in button sales and a bounced check fee of $10.


Proposed 2008 Budget is presented.

10860.00 planned income and expenses.

Approved by unanimous vote

It will be available on the website within the week.


Webmaster Report: Revised version of website shown, discussion



New potential income project is presented. A calendar composed of images of pets collected from local Community members. It would be a CafePress item, so no investment would need to be made. Tim will do the layout after the images are collected.

Images will be chosen from those submitted at the November meeting so that the calendar can be available by Christmas season.


ISCEE is planning an outdoor event in the park in July about the 19th. They plan on having booths, if so then we should have one. If a program then we should have an ad. As the 6th oldest Court and the oldest GLBT organization in Lane County we want to support their event as much as possible.


If Soromundi has a program at their Hult show we should ad there also.


Site: Preference is to remain at Alton Baker and add a committee position for parking.

David has talked with Linda Parker about being the coordinator for parking.

Rebecca will set up a road tube to assess park entrance for vehicles. Stage placement was good and will stay the same.

Date: August 9th



Entertainment: Jer proposes Cindy Lauper for 2009.


First mailing of 2008 – in January

Rebecca will rework it.

Sponsorships levels will be the same.


Confirmed Committee members for 2008:

Jer – Coordinator

Tim – Financial, Secretary, Webmaster

Rebecca – Vendors, Volunteers

Todd – Marketing, possible for entertainment

David – Site

Denise – Raffle


Open positions –

Entertainment, Parking, Sponsorship


Meeting adjourned.