PRIDE Day Equality Project

Minutes November 4 2007


Present: Tim, Jer, Dave, Todd, Damon


Meeting brought to order by Jer


Minutes of the October meeting are approved by unanimous vote


Financial report: $16 income outstanding

Checking: 1620.15

Savings: 5695.06

Total: 7315.21


Tim recommends $600 be moved from checking into the CapitalOne savings. Approved, Jer will do check 1105


InterPride report:

Theme for 2008: Live, Love, Be

InterPride is a EuroPride member/partner now

Emphasis on how other international prides still have many difficulties. Georgia US had some public displays during pride regarding this. Jer will bring video to next meeting

Issues with InterPride magazine were heavily discussed and should be resolved for 2008.


Vendor Report: David will be helping Rebecca with the 2008 letter


Entertainment: Todd will be talking to Melanie regarding taking on this area

Suggestion of Eric Himan, Catastrophe back? Nicole Sangsuree back?

Need a better set up for CD sales with a helper and cash box


Sponsorship: Jer will see about the possibility of Mens Potluck group having someone to volunteer to help with sponsorship.


Marketing: nothing at this time


Raffle: none yet, planning in process


City Liaison: We need to know what the rules are regarding parking specifically how Art & the Vinyard & other events handle the overflow parking. We need to find out what A&V does and tell the Parks Dept we want to do that. Dave ill take care of paperwork when it arrives.


Web: Need to get a gallery section up.


Bylaw change: we need to add an anti-discrimination policy. Jer will send out final language prior to a vote next month.


Presale: what do we want to do about that.


Calendar: we will send out another mail opening it up to any type of pet to fill in a few remaining spots.


Next meeting December 2 at 1:00 at the Q center


Meeting adjourned