PRIDE Committee Minutes

November 7, 2004

Present: Tim, Todd, Susan, Jer, Denise

The minutes from October 3, were passed around-a motion to accept the minutes made by Jer seconded by Tim, no one opposed and the minutes were approved.

InterPride Report: Jer gave a brief summary of what he learned at InterPride and shared the documents he received at the various workshops.

Insurance: Susan brought directors and officer's insurance coverage to the table, Jer will contact Dori at Casswood Insurance after January meeting to add this coverage.

Date Set July 23, 2005-Jer will go to city to reserve park on January 4, 2005.

Budget: Jer passed out a budget for 2005 Tim noted that deposits were in income but not expenses, Jer will correct that by removing them from the budget. Jer requested that $500 go to InterPride for scholarship fund, the group discussed the proposal and will decide in January.

Entertainment: Discussed speaker requests about who gets to talk on stage ie requests on the day of PRIDE. It was suggested a policy about who can speak on stage be made, after discussion the committee members decided by consensus, that requests to speak or appear on stage must be made in advance and the committee will make an approval decision, no day of event requests will be accepted. Possible speakers/opening ceremonies Kitty Piercy, Eugene City Manager, and a booth for Peter DeFazio.

Bob has agreed to be our new webmaster, Jer will contact him with info, web information will be sent to Jer, and forwarded to Bob. Jer will contact Amy E. and thank her for her help last year -acknowledgement for last year's website.

Booths: Jer brought Tim the ad space price list, Tim plans on sending information for booths, ads, and sponsorship opportunities for the January vendor letters. Jer will email Todd, the sponsor matrix, and Tim and Todd will work on updating them for the 2005-06 pride year.

Sponsorship: Jer will ask at Regional meeting about possibilities for joining with other Prides with large sponsors, maybe getting a package deal.

Denise's raffle: Kids Liaison - Laura Phillips-Jer will get email Laura's address to Denise

Jer will email Tim and Karm so they can connect on food vendors.

Banners: Denise will send cost of banner and hanging banner via email. Jer will contact Dori about insurance for the banner hanging.

Next Meeting will be January 9, 2004, any business needing attention can be emailed to the PRIDE Committee List.