Pride Day Equality Project

November 8, 2009

Present: Jer, Dave, Mel, Tim

Minutes of the July meeting are approved by unanimous vote

Financial Report

Checking: 2185.31

CafePress: 15

CapOne: 5629.70

Total: 7830.01


Budget for 2010 presented. Approved by unanimous vote

Pet Calendar, Jer will get the ball rolling.

CafePress merchandise has been updated to 2010.

Festival Coordinator Report
New Theme: One Heart, One World, One Pride

Court Coronation is scheduled for our weekend

Entertainment Report

Entertainment needs to use the back corner instead of a vendor for traffic control. Food trays didnít get eaten. Mel will work with the UO Womenís Center about shuttle vans.

Eye Beam can do setup and teardown of the stage for a small fee, we will definitely do.

City/Site Liaison Report
Fire Marshall complimented us on overall compliance.Deposit check was returned and destroyed.

Vendor Report

Need to get full menus next time from food vendors. Vendor letter will be updated and printed using existing credit. 47 total booths at 2009, most will be back.

Volunteers Report

Nowhere nearly enough

Website Report

Mel will upload pics to Flickr, new gallery page will be next project



Sponsorships: Club Pynk has said they will do Mainstage Sponsor for $1200

Coordinator Assignments for 2010

Frances possible for Raffle

Rebecca may be back for vendors?

Dave returning, Mel returning, Tim returning, Jer returning.

Next Meeting

On Skype -eugenepride, 10 AM Sunday the 13th of December

January meeting will be in person, details TBA