PRIDE Day Equality Project

Meeting Minutes November 9 2008


Present: Jer, Tim, Joyce


Meeting brought to order by Jer


Minutes of the October 2008 meeting are approved by unanimous vote.


Treasurerís report:

Checking: $75.87

CapOne: $6257.56

Total: $6333.43


City/Site Liaison Report: Jer and David will get the letter worked out
Vendor Letter...prepare, send updates, finally approval by Dec 15th

Entertainment Report: none

Volunteer Follow up needs to start soon

Rebecca will mail out the Vendor letter once final version comes from Jer and David

Celebrating 40 years since stonewall

Jer wants to move the history booth to the entrance, to do power we will need to get a generator for up front. Maybe get a 10 by 20 canopy from the Celebration? Jer will check.

Cinching the entrance, we need to prioritize having the sandwich boards out there


Calendar is almost ready. Should be out in about a week


New sponsorship levels will be finalized in a week or two.

Round Table


Next meeting January 4 1:00 at the Q center