Minutes Pride Day Equality Project Meeting 11-2-06


Present: Dave, Denise, Jer, Rebecca, Tim, Todd


Meeting brought to order by Jer.


Minutes of last meeting approved by unanimous vote.


Financial Report: Currently $6,136.89 with one outstanding check of $250.


Budget 06/07

Planned income: $11,395

Planned expense: $11,395


Budget for 06/07 approved by unanimous vote.


Board Members, voted in by unanimous vote

President: Jer Megowan

Vice-President: Denise Velasco

Secretary-Treasurer: Tim Matteson


Event Positions:

Main Festival: Jer

Entertainment: Kirista

Marketing/Sponsorship: Nathaline

Vendors/Contact Masterlist: Rebecca

City Liaison: David

Raffle: Denise


Master List of all contacts is being held and worked on by Rebecca. New contacts should be forwarded to Rebecca for inclusion. She is looking into the best way to organize this information.


July 21st is our target date for 2007. We will be checking with the city regarding this year’s process, and making a fuss as necessary.


Entertainment: No movement until date is set. Of interest – Johnny Dangerously or Katastrophe – rappers from the GLBT community

Desire for DJ at end

Slug Queen is possible


Bachelor Auction: Protocol needs to be reviewed.


Raffle: Desire for large item. Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life is to be approached. Denise is looking into something from Dinah Shore time at Palm Springs. Denise is getting the mailing ready.

Bags: We want to do again, need to do on the day of. We will need volunteers for that in enough quantity. The idea will be included in mailings – possible items for bags.


Country Fair: Do merchandising, Rebecca will work on possible items.


Vendors: Food is always an issue. Alan will take on the food and drinks section. January mailing and Rebecca will be sending out the daft mailing for comment on the list




Mother Kali’s was sent sponsorship request to the PO Box we had on file and it was returned as boxed closed.

Todd will be working on a community recognition award.


Website: Tim and Bob will work out the FTP problem, and Tim will provide some photos from last year’s event.


Banner: will not do banner, but may have it updated to use at the event


Annual Theme: Interpride theme is United for Equality, we will use it this year


MECCA is likely to do some sort of Art event for PRIDE.


SNAFU – haven’t given us our percentage. They left their beer cart there, and have been uncommunicative.