Pride Day Equality Project

November 14, 2010


Meeting via Skype

Present: Tim, Jer, Dave, Mel, Frances


Minutes of the August 8 meeting are approved by unanimous vote


Financial Report

Checking: 1107.84



PayPal: 54.87

Total: 6830.34

Fiscal year final report presented, and event report presented.

For fiscal we are +288.35 because of some expenses not being paid until after October 1. For the 2010 event as a whole we ran -819.24

Pdf’s of these reports have been mailed to the group list.

Festival Coordinator Report

Jer says that most Prides across the US were down this last year.

Interpride theme for 2011 is Pride Around the World, they will have a logo for it. 45 new Prides joined Interpride in the last year. Regional Interpride Meeting 9 AM the 21st of Nov. (third Sunday of the month each month 9 AM)


City/Site Liaison Report

David will watch for the next park packet. Liquor license was late getting in.

Fire Marshall had to come back due to not enough fire extinguishers. Now each space must have one. David will try to meet with the Fire Marshall ahead of the event to check on requirements.


Entertainment Report


Vendor Report

Ring of Fire continues to be tricky to work with. Space measurements need to be a bit bigger – around 12 x 12

New registration paperwork will be more specific about fire extinguisher.

Received insurance certificate for 2011 from Ignition Gallery, Ashland


Volunteers Report

Claire Syrett gave us contacts with 3 UO students who are interested in helping out.


Website Report

Sponsorships Report


Next meerting - January 9th 9AM via Skype