Minutes PRIDE Committee Meeting

December 2, 2007


Present: Tim, Jer, Rebecca, Dave, Melanie


Meeting is brought to order by Jer.


Minutes of the meeting of November 4, 2007 are approved by unanimous vote.


Financial report:

Checking $1656.15

CapOne $5716.98

Total: $7373.13

CapOne will be transferred to a new WAMU Online Savings account, currently interest is better.

Finalized Calendar: Final choices shown and approved. It will be available this coming week. Next Pride have announcement in program for the 2009 Calendar.


Other fundraiser ideas: Have some merchandise at the event? Will look at what makes most sense, $100 available from Marketing budget. Cookbook? Melanie suggests event clean up crews for the UO.


Volunteers: New volunteer descriptions are almost done, final edit on Parking to go.


Web: Language update add calendar announcement

Vendor Report:
New form ready? Nope, Jer is sending more revisions. Ad and sponsorship amounts have been increased.

On January 1 we plan to have the vendor form as a live form on the website, probably made through Adobe Acrobat.

Mother Kalis still owes $20 for buttons and $10 bounced check fee.

Entertainment Report:
Melanie has agreed to be entertainment coordinator for 2008.

Jer will mail job description; budget is $3500 for entertainers and $50 for Green room.

Sponsorship Report:
Men's Potluck, Jer will contact Hank
Nathaline will be taken off the web, Jer will talk to her about involvement.

Rebecca is ready to contact Starbucks, we should be ready to go. Farmers Insurance has us on their approved list.

Marketing Report:
Todd not present.

We will buy some clickers for doing crowd counts soon to have on hand.

Raffle Report: Jer will talk to Denise

Liaison Report:

We have our reservation for the park.
Dave has the checks for deposit/fee

GBLT History Display:

Local slant, talk to Alan

Contact LGBT archives? Have displays about other Pride events world wide.

Have a Memorium booth, contact Michael at HIV Alliance about AIDS quilt

Contact Eugene HRC about statistics for domestic partnerships


Next meeting 5:30 Saturday January 12, 2008 at Q Center