Pride Day Equality Project
December 13, 2009

Present via Skype: Jer, Tim, David, Mel

Minutes of the November meeting are approved by unanimous vote

Financial Report
Checking: 2185.31
CafePress: 15
CapOne: 5634.33
Total: 7,834.64

Festival Coordinator Report

City/Site Liaison Report
Received packet from City, will be filling it in and sending it soon

Entertainment Report
Mel will send Tim links to entertainers for website update

Vendor Report
Letter updated, in .pdf format
Jer will be sending Josh a bill for last year's beer garden.

Volunteers Report
Frances will be taking on much of this job this year.
Frances will be talking to some people about possible committee membership, Tim will talk to Paul again.

Website Report
Front page updated
Raffle & Volunteers mail will be forwarded to Frances via Mel
Theme text do in red, blue, rainbow - logo globe/heart/rainbow flag
Jer will have online vendor application in January

Sponsorships Report
Event and Mainstage have gone up a little; Jer will be talking to AMFAM and Club Pynk
Mel will be contacting a Subaru rep about possible sponsorship

Jer will contact Sally Sheklow about becoming the marketing coordinator

Pet Calendar, not enough interest to do one for 2010

Q Center is closing at the end of the month.

Next Meeting
January 10 2010, in person 11:00, Mel's house Directions/address to be provided