Who We Are

Our Goals:

  • To act as an information source and clearinghouse
  • To promote educational activities and events
  • To be a community building force in the local area
  • To be a strong ally on progressive human rights issues
  • To build a strong organization with long term viability
Our History

In July of 1991, Right to Privacy PAC, now called Right to Pride, facilitated a statewide meeting of activists to prepare an opposition force in preparation for the anti-gay measure that would be come Measure 9-1992.

A small group of Lane County activists attended that meeting and left it with a resolve to begin a local effort. A series of meetings was called in August, September, and October and NO ON HATE - Lane County was formed. The following year plunged the group through a crash course in grassroots politicsm, first in a political defeat in Springfield over 20-08 in May of 1992, then into a victory as the local affiliate of the Campaign for a Hate Free Oregon, over Measure 9 in 1992 followed by the Appelate Court overturning of Measure 8 from 1988.

For several months activists met to prepare a way to preserve what had been built in anticipation of another measure in 1994. From that planning a new organization was formed, Citizens United Against Discrimination or C-PAC, which worked with local communities in Lane County as the OCA swept through rural Oregon and stood prepared to take on Measure 13 in 1994 as the local affiliate of Basic Rights Oregon.

With a second victory behind them the group felt a need to find another venue in which to continue the work that had been established here. Education was clearly the key. It was decided to change tactics and establish a non-profit educational / community building organization and the Equality Project was born.

Working with the local community the Equality Project became the Fiscal 501(c)(3) Sponsor of the Lane County PRIDE Day and continues so today.

Our relationship with Basic Rights Oregon has also continued as we have worked to educate employers using BRO's Fair Workplace Model.

In 2000 Board members pledged their hearts and volunteer time to Basic Rights Oregon and help defeat the OCA once again sending Measure 9 to a second defeat.