Public Transportation

There are several public transit options to get you to Alton Baker Park and we highly recommend using them as parking is very limited. Please check out Moovit's website for more info.

Ride Shares

Lyft and Uber are both great ways to get the Pride...maybe even grab a carpool! There will be a designated Ride Share Drop Off/Pickup Zone in the main parking lot. Please move to the grassy area inside the parking lot when waiting for your ride.


The main parking lot by Pride is designated as Accessible Parking, Drop Off/Pick Up, and Entertainer Parking only. All other attendees will have access to the overflow lot further down Day Island Road. It is a short walk to the Festival from the lot, so please plan accordingly.

Accessible Parking

The main lot near the festival is designated for Accessible Parking only. To enter the lot, simply show your placard to the lot attendant.

2020 March for Black Trans Lives

Where do I go for the March?

The March will begin at the Federal Courthouse at 12 PM for speeches and gathering events. The March will end at Kiwanis/Skinner Butte Park where there will be more speakers and activities.

What safety procautions are being taken?

The March for Black Trans Lives takes safety very seriously. There will be trained safety teams in place at the stationary and mobile locations of the event, as well as a medical tent and multiple March organizers for added help.

For information about Covid-19 protocols, please see that FAQ response.

What procedures are being taken due to Covid-19?

Eugene Pride and Black Unity are committed to the health and safety of their Leadership, Support Staff, Allies, and the community in this time of a global pandemic. Eugene Pride and Black Unity are also committed to the Black Lives Matter movement that is moving across the world. The March for Black Trans Lives will be following the 2020 Covid-19 Protocol put forth by Black Unity [full Protocol may be viewed here]. Highlights are below:

  • This event is a mask-mandatory event. Should someone refuse to wear a mask, they will be asked to leave as masks are mandated by the state.
  • All participants are encouraged to allow space between themselves and others from outside their households
  • Medic Teams will have masks for those without masks
  • Equipment will be santized between use by different individuals
  • Medic Teams will have hand sanitizer available for the crowd during stops and at gathering spaces
  • Water will be distributed by Support Staff and official Volunteers only. No self-serve is allowed
  • Public safety announcements will continue throughout event
  • All Leadership, Support Staff, and Volunteers will wear a mask for the duration of the event.
  • All food service will be handled by a person who has a current Food Handlers Card with the State of Oregon

Can I bring signs, flags, etc.?

Yes, you are welcome to bring a sign, flag, or other item to display. Please be aware of your surroundings during the event to make sure that no one is at risk from your belongings.

Can I bring my dog?

Leashed and well-behaved dogs are allowed. The Leadership, Support Staff, Safety Team, or other official Volunteers from Eugene Pride or Black Unity reserve the right ask dogs to be removed from the event should problems arise.

I can't go. How do I watch the event?

The event will be live-streamed on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube Live. You can find us at EugPride on all of those platforms.

What is the March route?

In order to better protect the safety of all participants, we are not releasing the exact route that we will take. It will be on downtown city streets and will go from the courthouse to Kiwanis/Skinner Butte Park.

Pride Festival

Are dogs allowed at Pride?

Yes! Dogs are welcome at Pride, but must be on leash and well-behaved at all times. Please be sure to bring a water dish to keep your dog hydrated and happy. Dogs should be taken to the space behind the beer garden or another area away from the booths if they need to relieve themselves. Please be a responsible owner and clean up after your pet.

Can I bring my own food?

Absolutely! Feel free to bring snacks, a picnic, or a whole pizza! Just be sure that you do not have alcohol or glass containers of any kind...and be sure to pick up your trash.

What do I do if I get sick or hurt?

We will have a medic on site for any emergencies. At any point in time, you can find someone with a VOLUNTEER shirt and get assistance.

Can I take photos?

We highly encourage you to take photos of yourself enjoying your time at Pride. (Don't forget to hashtag #espride on social media!) Feel free to take pictures with that person in the rockin' outfit or the lady with the rainbow hair or the dude with the killer beard...just get consent first!

What are the hours for Pride?

Pride is open from 11 AM to 6 PM! Vendors will begin tearing down at 6 PM and we ask folks to move along at that point to allow them to get home and get some rest after a long day at the park.

Is Pride family-friendly?

100%! Pride is very intentionally family-friendly and will offer a ton of activities for kids and adults alike. Enjoy face painting, story time, interactive drama, big field games, crafts, and more!

Are there water fountains?

There will be numerous water stations around the festival. Feel free to bring a reusable water bottle to refill throughout the day.

How much does Pride cost?

Pride is a free event. We do, however, ask for donations ($5 suggested) to support our Pride Youth Scholarship Fund. We were able to give aways $5700 to high school and college students in Spring of 2019 and we would love to double that this next year!

I'm concerned about security.

In recent days there have been a number of security concerns highlighted with regard to this year’s Pride in the Park Festival. The Eugene / Springfield Pride Committee wants to assure everyone associated with the Festival and the March that the we take the security of our community very seriously. The Committee is fully engaged with city officials and we are implementing all recommendations and augmenting both events with private security employed by the committee. The city is fully committed to our Pride Festival, and we expect city officials to be onsite for both the Festival and March. The Committee is also balancing security concerns with the need to ensure that our Pride Festival is open and free to all of Eugene and Springfield, the LGBTQIA+ community, allies, families, and friends. The committee is dedicated to our community and we will work to ensure everyone’s safety.

Do's and Don'ts

The DOs

  • DO ask to take photos with people

  • DO bring an empty, reusable water bottle to fill at the water stations

  • DO be prepared for bag searches at the entrances or at random times within the festival

  • DO show respect and kindness to everyone attending Pride

What should I wear to Pride?

You should wear what makes you feel the most like you! Pride is all about authenticity and freedom. That said, this is a family-friendly event so please be mindful and respectful of everyone who will be attending. If you have specific questions regarding gear or outfits, please contact us.

The DON'Ts

  • DO NOT bring weapons of any kind (this includes firearms, toy guns or water guns, knives or swords, toy knives or swords, any and all weapons real or toy)

  • DO NOT bring glass containers and/or alcohol

  • DO NOT bring sharpies, markers, paint pens, chalk, or anything else that could cause defacement to the property

  • NO unauthorized/unlicensed vendors allowed

  • NO unauthorized solicitations, handbills, sampling, giveaways, etc.

  • DO NOT smoke or vape in the park (both are restricted in all Eugene parks)

  • DO NOT consume alcohol outside of the designated Beer Garden

  • DO NOT photography or touch anyone without consent

2020 March Accessibility

Are vehicles allowed for the March?

Only specific vehicles (lead cars) are allowed to participate in the March. These restrictions are due to both safety concerns for the participants and regulations regarding the difference between a March and a Parade.

What is the March route?

In order to better protect the safety of all participants, we are not releasing the exact route that we will take. It will be on downtown city streets and will go from the courthouse to Kiwanis/Skinner Butte Park.

How long is the March? Is the route accessible?

The March is about 1 mile long. The route is along city streets, but may have features that are inaccessible for some people. There is a railroad crossing and some sections with rough patches.

If I can't march with the group, how can I participate?

The rally at the steps of the Federal Courthouse will be fully accessible on the sidewalks and streets in front of the building. That begins at noon. At the park, you will be able to hear the stage from both the pedestrian/bike path by the river as well as from the wide, paved path that runs parallel to I-105. We have a very loud sound system so that we can remain socially distant. We will also be live-streaming the day on our social channels where you can hear all speakers and participate in the march virtually.

I can't go. How do I watch the event?

The event will be live-streamed on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube Live. You can find us at EugPride on all of those platforms.

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