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2022 EugPride! Festival Planning Committee

Did you know that the EugPride! Festival is planned and run completely by volunteers?

It's true! In the past, there has been a small, but mighty group of folks coordinating everything. Over the past 5 years though, the festival has grown exponentially and we would like to continue growing! In addition to growing, we want to have more voices in the conversation, more life experiences, more perspectives. We want this to be the community's event.

To that end, we are asking the community to get involved. Our Planning Committee is open to everyone, regardless of experience or availability. The Planning Committee is made up of ten Teams defined by topic. Each Team has several defined positions within it, as well as a Coordinator who is responsible for all of the positions therein and for the overarching responsibilities of the Team. The Coordinator manages all communication between Team Members, prepares and submits a monthly report to the Planning Committee, and ensures that at least one Team Member will be present at each of the monthly meetings. In addition to the defined roles, we also need people who want to be on a team to help with smaller projects or specific tasks.

To learn more about the Teams and Positions, please click here to access the Google Doc. To download a PDF version of the document, please click here.

Within the document is a link to tell us where you would like to help. This is to help us fill those spots, but we will check in with folks before those positions are finalized. If you are interested in multiple roles or teams, please fill out one form for each team you want to work with and we will record all of your interests. The form will close on February 10th and will reopen after the 13th should there still be open spots.


If you have any questions or concerns, please email:

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